Somatex“ was the original name of the products; from November 2014,the name changes to “Somavedic“.

Láďa and Miluška L.

It was approximately a year ago that we bought Somavedic Harmonie, a device with which we are satisfied. It is a being with amazing fine energy, creating pleasant vibrations in the environment and our bodies. You can see it all around, for instance, our flowers are livelier now. Our dog and tomcat behave differently, too. The meditations are deeper. Harmonie is a perfect assistant to those in search. A lot was written here and we entirely agree with these opinions and experience very much the same.

Somavedic Atlantik was the next to come. We would never believe that it could treat water and impart it a soft, tasty and sweet flavour. We do not know how the trick works but it is perfect. We became addicted to this water after drinking it and feel tempted to sip it constantly. We drink tapped water a lot and when we accidentally drink untreated water standing on the table, our taste buds immediately react and recognize that the water was not treated by the Atlantik device. Everyone can try it themselves. When we had visitors and had them try this water, everyone reacted to the treated water a bit differently but recognized that it was not the same as untreated. But that is not all. Since the human body consists of water to 80 %, it needs pure water to purify itself but it must be water in harmony with and tuned to our body (and that is what Atlantik can do). After drinking water treated with Atlantik for a week, our urine became foamy and yellowish. This was not the case before, the urine was rather transparent and, conversely, dark in the morning. Water treated with Atlantik evened the urine qualities out to a great degree and avoided extremes by distributing the same qualities nicely over the whole day. The body was purifying itself! The dog and tomcat have no parasites anymore and have sleek hair because they drink treated water, too, and, in addition, they enjoy the positive effects of Harmonie ...

Then we bought Somavedic Medic – a device vibrating with energy and spreading it all around…..

I will give you an example to illustrate its energy: Image a passionate chain smoker used to smoky pubs comes to a place with clean air - he must immediately light up a cigarette to avoid intoxication with fresh air! It is similar with Somavedic Medic!

Mr. Rybjanský came up with a great and amazing invention for mankind. He deserves great acknowledgement for this. It is a new technology which we should appreciate and start using since mankind needs spiritual assistants. This assistant is very important to us and others will follow!

Thank you!


Somavedic Atlatnik – measurement and experience

In operation since: December 25, 2016

Active impact within the range of: 14 metres (on average, shape of the field: sphere)

Radiated energy: ca 194,300 BE*

Somavedic Atlantik is a device designed primarily for energetic water cleansing. Your tap water will turn into “natural spring water” in a second. One can actually say that Atlantik can turn tap water into healing spring water. Notice that the device is designed for energy cleansing of drinking water – no matter whether your water comes from a well, a pipeline, or a bottle. This device cannot cleanse puddle and rain water or any similar kinds of water!

Atlantik offers a wonderful and flawless performance. Out of curiosity, I have measured the same parameters as with the rest of Somavedics I have already analysed. I think it is good to know that Atlantik is able to eliminate 100% of negative energies emitted by people within its range, too. 

Many owners of the device claim that the taste of water harmonized with Atlantik is similar to the taste of natural spring water. I can confirm that. The taste of water really changes and reminds you of natural spring water. Nevertheless, this can vary based on what exactly you get from your pipeline, of course; if the Czech pipelines (or rather the French ones and other ones of a foreign origin, as a majority of Czech pipelines is owned by foreign companies, which is hard to understand for me) are full of chlorine, we cannot expect the water, though harmonized with Atlantik, to taste similarly to water without any chlorine or other chemicals.

I also came up with another way of using the device – for clothes drying. It may sound rather funny, but thinking of various substances that are added into detergents today and of the number of people suffering from various skin conditions (such as sensitive skin especially in small children and toddlers), it is not that funny anymore.

When it comes to clothes and any other things we put onto our body, the process works like that: we energetically influence everything, i.e. our aura automatically charges the clothes we have on with energy – it harmonizes them. The energetic output is minimal. But if our aura is challenged in any way, these outputs are much more noticeable, and speaking of children, they are also much more sensitive. That is why I think that this may be a reasonable function for some people. Anyway, clothes harmonization is another interesting function of Somavedic Atlantik. 

Impact on water

Tap water with energetic value of 6,000 BE

Amount: 2 decilitre

Container: a glass made from common glass

Time of the device’s influence effect: 3 min

Distance between the glass and the device: 3 cm

Total energetic value after the device’s influence: 40,000 BE

Note: It does not matter whether we use 2 decilitres or 20 litres, the total energetic value of water is ca 40 000 BE within three minutes

Impact on clothes

After the end of the washing cycle, the energetic value of a men’s T-shirt, size L, washed in a common, fully automatic washing machine with a standard detergent, is 4,500 BE

Distance between the drying rack and the device: approx. 0.4 metres

Time of the device’s influence effect: 24 hours

Total energetic value after the device’s influence: 19,000 BE

Impact on the Chakras and the aura

Level of influence on opening the Chakras: 3% (applicable only if one consciously tries to improve themselves)

Level of influence on harmonization the Chakra biofield: 13%

Level of influence on the activity of the Chakras: 1%

Influence on harmonization of the human aura – “correction” of the aura: 18%

Influence on GPZs

Level of GPZ elimination: 75%

Level of electrosmog elimination: 37%

Level of reduction of harmful effects of Wi-Fi radiation: 25%

Level of reduction of harmful effects of blue-tooth radiation: 10%

Level of reduction of harmful effects of microwave radiation: 28%

Level of reduction of harmful effects of GSM: 31%

Level of reduction of harmful effects of digital TV networks and radio signals: 36%

Level of reduction of harmful effects of radiation of electric power: 30%

Other functions

Level of elimination of negative energy emitted by people: 100%

Level of protection against torsion fields: 100%

Level of elimination of harmful effects of chemtrails: 23%

Level of protection against religious egregors: 60%

Level of enhancement of exceptional abilities development: 15%

Level of enhancement of deep meditations: 12%

Level of improvement of concentration: 31%

Level of enhancement of the physical health improvement in people: 42%

Level of enhancement of the mental health improvement in people: 15%

Level of elimination of negative impacts of oncologic “treatments”: 16%

Does Somavedic positively influence all living beings within its reach: yes

Does Somavedic positively influence the “alpha” state: yes

Can Somavedic eliminate malignant tumors: no

Can Somavedic mitigate negative effects of antibiotics: yes


*BE = the abbreviation for the units of the Bovis scale used for quantification of the energetic vibration quality in radiesthetic measuring ; named after French physicist André Bovis (1871–1947)


Somavedic Medic new – measurement and experience

In operation since: October 8, 2016

Active impact within the range of: 75 metres (on average, shape of the field: sphere)

Radiated energy: ca 541,500 BE*

I performed the analysis of the new device called Somavedic Medic new two months after the device had been plugged in. The device is located in a flat in the centre of one of the ten largest German cities, i.e. in the environment where especially the level of electrosmog is extremely high. The total number of Wi-Fi networks radiating in my flat is 21 – a number some people can’t even imagine. This means that the device eliminates up to 93 % of electrosmog including 95 % of the harmful Wi-Fi radiation in a flat, so one can be almost sure that the level of impact on electrosmog is 100 % unless they live in a large city or directly in the vicinity of a GSM, digital TV-radio or any similar transmitter.

The difference between the Harmonie model and the Medic new one is clear. Medic new is much more powerful. It is designed for places with a high concentration of people and for places where illnesses are treated, both with alternative and traditional medicine. Medic new eliminates all negative energies from the space more quickly, which applies also to GPZ and electrosmog energies and to negative energies emitted by people. Moreover, it offers a highly elegant design as it is made from matt clear crystal glass. Unlike the “violet” Harmonie, Medic new emits stronger light of a pleasant, blue-white colour. It is also much bigger – see the picture.

Bear in mind that the Somavedic devices can only help with treatment and self-improvement. They cannot treat you or improve you on their own; the only thing they offer is a great environment to treat ourselves (or other people) and to improve ourselves. All solutions to our problems and disharmonies lie inside us. The outer is just a reflection of the inner.

If you buy the device for your home, I recommend installing it in a room nobody sleeps in. For the first two to five days – this is highly individual – you may experience problems either with falling asleep, or with waking up earlier than you are used to. This is not a negative impact, but a normal reaction of your body to energy changes in the environment.

As for the parameters, you can find their description in the Somavedic Harmonie analysis.

Here are the hard data.

Impact on the Chakras and the aura

Level of influence on opening the Chakras: 27% (applicable only if one consciously tries to improve themselves)

Level of influence on harmonization the Chakra biofield: 73%

Level of influence on the activity of the Chakras: 11%

Influence on harmonization of the human aura – “correction” of the aura: 100%

Influence on GPZs

Level of GPZ elimination: 100%

Level of electrosmog elimination: 93%

Level of reduction of harmful effects of Wi-Fi radiation: 95%

Level of reduction of harmful effects of blue-tooth radiation: 80%

Level of reduction of harmful effects of microwave radiation: 72%

Level of reduction of harmful effects of GSM: 81%

Level of reduction of harmful effects of digital TV networks and radio signals: 63%

Level of reduction of harmful effects of radiation of electric power: 37%

Other functions

Level of elimination of negative energy emitted by people: 100%

Level of protection against torsion fields: 100%

Level of elimination of harmful effects of chemtrails: 69%

Level of protection against religious egregors: 78%

Level of enhancement of exceptional abilities development: 18%

Level of enhancement of deep meditations: 58%

Level of improvement of concentration: 62%

Level of enhancement of the physical health improvement in people: 72%

Level of enhancement of the physical mental improvement in people: 36%

Level of elimination of negative impacts of oncologic “treatments”: 31%

Does Somavedic positively influence all living beings within its reach: yes

Does Somavedic positively influence the “alpha” state: yes

Can Somavedic eliminate malignant tumors: no

Can Somavedic mitigate negative effects of antibiotics: yes



Teal Swan

"Drinking water from the Somavedic Atlantik is like drinking liquid crystal."


Somavedic Harmonie - measurement and experience

In operation since: July 25, 2016

Active impact within the range of: 59.5 metres (on average, shape of the field: sphere)

Radiated energy: ca 326 500 BE*

I got Somavedic Harmonie 9 weeks ago and the following analysis is based on my own sensory observations, extrasensory perception and radiesthetic measurements. There are many superlative rumours about Somavedic and sometimes it is even believed to have supernatural powers. No wonder then that I’ve been seriously asked whether Somavedic can also cure cancer. Such speculations are really dangerous. That is why I decided to focus on data about Somavedic’s impact on human health. As any other currently available device, Somavedic cannot cure cancer or any other serious illness, of course! And the producer has never claimed anything like that. Nevertheless, the device can create the best environment necessary for curing any illness – and much more. Today, there are many devices produced by companies claiming that they are able to eliminate one or another problem or one on another illness using electromagnetic and other kinds of frequencies. The truth is I know of no as universal and effective device as Somavedic. And what’s more – the price is not too high and almost anyone can afford it.

For better understanding, I would like comment on several measured parameters:


Somavedic harmonizes the Chakras, i.e. it sets the biofield – the energetic, or we can even say auric, coat of the Chakras – right. This has a positive effect on our health and mental state, and (with certain exaggeration) we can also claim that it helps those working on themselves with their spiritual growth.

Torsion field

Another very interesting “ability” I’ve noticed while using the device is an almost complete elimination of torsion fields created by torsion field generators. These generators are mind control weapons. I live in a country where these generators are installed in big cities, and I will continue to closely watch this effect in my environment, i.e. in the environment under the influence of Somavedic. There have been none torsion field generators installed in the Czech Republic so far and I believe the situation will remain the same. This function is therefore passé for all of you living in the Czech Republic or Slovakia, no matter whether you believe in the existence of torsion field generators or not.


The device strongly eliminates the influence of religious and possibly also other egregors on people, i.e. it is also active – interestingly enough – in the astral plane. Egregors are forms of energies in the astral plane through which they are able to manipulate the human psyche. Especially the egregors of various religions and isms are very negative. The weaker your will and your heart and crown chakras are, the stronger the influence of egregors is. This occurs at an unconscious level.


I have read several comments on Somavedic’s ability to help deepen one’s meditations. And it is true! This is partly because it improves concentration and harmonizes the Chakras and the aura. It also helps to get into the alpha state more quickly and more successfully. The alpha state is a state of lower brain wave frequencies (8-13 Hz) which we need for an effective meditation. This means that the influence of Somavedic on the depth of meditations is rather strong. The device also has a positive impact on other states such as beta or gamma, of course, but the effect is not as strong as with the alpha state.

The effects of the device I have found also suggest other things; e.g. that it provides restful sleep, stress relief, eliminates both physical and mental pain, improves our mood and interpersonal relations (in the whole field of exposure – even next door if the neighbours are within its reach :)).

S. also has a positive effect on plants and animals - everything alive. If it is an animal that actively seeks pathogenic zones, it takes a while for it to get used to it. My neighbours’ cats made noise for about three days and nights, but then everything calmed down. They did not suffer, of course! The noise was rather provoked by the fact that my neighbours also have a dog, and as the cats lost their favourite spots and were restless, some temporary conflicts occurred among the animals.

Within the field emitted by my Somavedic, there is also a lawn – now of a brighter green colour. Before I turned the device on, there were rather dry spots on the lawn during summer.

Somavedic has a great potential in agriculture, especially in growing crops. If there were fields with several powerful Somavedics, there would be no or minimal occurrence of fungi and parasites, i.e. no chemical treating would be necessary and the term “ecological agriculture” would gain a completely new meaning. I believe somebody will take interest in these facts in future.

Impact on the Chakras and the aura

Level of influence on opening the Chakras: 15%

Level of influence on harmonization the Chakra biofield: 65%

Level of influence on the activity of the Chakras: 6%

Influence on harmonization of the human aura – “correction” of the aura: 100%

Influence on geopathogenic zones

Level of influence on pathogenic zones: 100%

Level of influence on electrosmog: 54%

Level of reduction of harmful effects of Wi-Fi radiation: 75%

Level of reduction of harmful effects of blue-tooth radiation: 48%

Level of reduction of harmful effects of microwave radiation: 45%

Level of reduction of harmful effects of GSM: 63%

Level of reduction of harmful effects of digital TV networks and radio signals: 45%

Level of reduction of harmful effects of radiation of electric power: 35%

Other functions

Level of elimination of negative energy emitted by people: 100%

Level of protection against torsion fields: 95%

Level of elimination of harmful effects of chemtrails: 22%

Level of protection against religious egregors: 65%

Level of enhancement of exceptional abilities development: 13%

Level of enhancement of deep meditations: 45%

Level of improvement of concentration: 55%

Level of enhancement of the physical health improvement in people: 56%

Level of enhancement of the physical mental improvement in people: 36%

Does Somavedic positively influence all living beings within its reach: yes

Does Somavedic positively influence the “alpha” state: yes

The analysis has focused on those effects of Somavedic Harmonie I consider the most important. I am sure there are other aspects of our lives positively influenced by the device. If you have any idea what I should focus on in the future, write me an email and I may add the data in here.

Finally, I would like to point out that I performed all the measurements on my Somavedic Harmonie device and completely on my own. As each device works the same, the effect of each and every device would also be the same. Nevertheless, the field emitted by the device may differ based on the strength of the pathogenic zone or electrosmog. If – God forbid – anyone lives near a high voltage network, the reach of the device may be even more reduced.

Somavedic is a powerful but not omnipotent helper. If you want to use it for other purposes than those stated by the producer as the primal ones – i.e. elimination of pathogenic zones and electrosmog – you must realize that whether you want to fight a serious illness or enhance your spiritual growth, the main part of work must always be done by you and only you!


*BE - the abbreviation for Bovis units used for radiesthetic measurements, indicating the energy vibrational quality, named after a French physicist Alfred Bovis (1871 - 1947)

Teal Swan

Here is the info for Somavedic...

There are several reasons why these Somavedic devices work.  In short, the Somavedic effects discordant and stagnant energy patterns wherever it is placed. 

The earth, being in essence a living being, is not purely in alignment.  Like any organism, it has it's own areas of "illness" and "health".  We call these areas of disturbance a geo-pathogenic zone.  When organisms living on earth (like people) wander into these areas, the overall energy of these "out of alignment" spots influences the organism into a state of "out of alignment" as well.  They effect the immune system most of all.  This "out of alignment" state causes fluctuations in the earth's magnetic field and in the earth's meridians, causing illness or other symptoms that are not conducive to the well being of organisms in that location.  Also, the energy coming up from the center of the earth is projected in patterns that are not conducive to life on the surface of the earth.  In some locations, this energy from the center of the earth is much closer to the surface of the earth and it creates  geo-pathogenic zone.  These geo-pathogenic zones are not conducive to living organisms on the surface of the earth.  In these cases, placing the device in the location, causes a "restructuring" of the unhealthy energy patterns, so the effect is not felt by the organism.  Manmade objects and disturbances can also cause geo-pathogenic zones.  

I have noticed that the Somavedic device works best inside buildings.  Buildings are effected by geo-pathogenic zones, but they are also effected by anything that happened in the house and by the way they were designed.  Some house designs create areas of "stagnant" energy.  The Somavedic device creates healthy movement in these areas.  This prevents stagnant energy.  Stagnant energy can greatly effect a person.  When something occurs inside a house, like a suicide etc.

The extreme energy frequency of the event becomes "attached" to the house.

The energy pattern that is imprinted there effects people greatly.  The Somavedic device neutralizes these energy patterns.  It does not get rid of them, but it disallows the energy pattern from reaching the people in the area where it is placed.  It's like a "shield".  speaking of this shielding, people are greatly effected by electronics in houses and internet Wi Fi.  I have personally observed the device shielding the electronic currents and re structuring the patterns that are projected from them so that the rest of the room and the people in the room are unaffected by those potentially harmful currents of energy.  this device seems to be very effective when placed next to the pattern we call radiation.  It would be interesting to see the effect if a large device was placed in a large geo pathogenic zone like Hiroshima.      

I would be very interested to see a large one built there.  I would like to see (If one could ever be built to be submerged underwater) whether the effects would be magnified by water and have an effect on underwater reefs etc.  

It is as if this device creates a "Schumann Wave" which allows the cells and energy patterns of your own body to maintain their own frequency of vibration.  It allows homeostasis.

My personal favorite application for this device is for electro magnetic pollution.  I have observed this device on several occasions neutralize electro magnetic pollution.  And this is what I have chosen to use it for in my own home.  I have nick named it the harmonizer... Because if you were to sum up its use, this is what it does... It Harmonizes energy patterns. 

Martin F.

When I heard about the effects of the Somavedic device for the first time several years ago, I thought it sounded too wonderful to be really true - and I completely dismissed it from my mind.

A few years later, my friend brought me two packages and said: “One is for you, one is for Teal Swan. Give it to her at the seminar, since I’ll be in the Amazon at that point.” I opened it - and it was Somavedic! At last it found its way to me…

I went home to my girlfriend and we plugged it in. Suddenly, the room was full of a strange, subtle energy, and we felt slightly dizzy in a nice way, something like an expanded consciousness. We found the “thing” very interesting…

We found out that the core of the device is made from minerals, semi-precious and precious stones. These are known to contain an unbelievable amount of healing energy we are still not able to use properly, but Somavedic can regulate and release this energy. If we have certain minerals in a particular arrangement and let them work on us, their vibrations work together to harmonize our environment, i.e. remove negative energy. In the newly balanced, harmonized environment, there are no barriers to the flow of life-giving energy which quickly leads to an improvement of our health.

As I was able to feel the Somavedic energy, I was curious about the opinion of the American spiritual teacher Teal Swan who is able not only to feel energies, but also to see them. Several weeks after I gave her the device, she mailed me. She wrote she actually watched the device change the structure of harmful energy patterns into beneficial ones. It restructures them so they are no longer harmful to health and creates sort of a protective shield against negative influences. She watched its positive impact on geopathogenic zones and electrosmog as well as on various energy imprints, such as places of various tragic events, like where someone committed suicide.

Gradually I began to notice the first health benefits. Above all, I noticed that I no longer feel the need for an afternoon nap. With no geopathogenic zones, I could finally get enough energy when sleeping and had no lack of it during the day. This full energy recharge came in handy during my first fast: for 21 days, I ate nothing and drank only distilled water. It went surprisingly smoothly and without any problems although I had no previous experience.

In addition to many positive changes in my physical body I noticed how the Somavedic energy could stir up even stagnant waters of my mental problems and blocks. Suddenly they began to bubble up to the surface with such intensity that it was no longer possible to just sweep them back under the carpet. I had to look them in the eye and start resolving them. I felt that this was exactly what I needed to develop.

The Somavedic effect on a spiritual level is notable, too. I feel the subtle energy released from minerals increases the vibrations, frees from the matter, raises consciousness and connects to higher realms. I have an easier time recognizing hints (synchronicities) coming to me. I clearly realize the connection between my thoughts and events around me. My intuition is enhanced. However, the most interesting experience I had with Somavedic was on the highway. My girlfriend and I went shopping to a nearby town. It was raining and the ruts were full of water. Suddenly, the oncoming car skidded and started swerving from side to side. Only a small distance separated us and we both went quite fast, so the situation was quite serious. Suddenly we noticed something unusual was happening. The movement of the car sliding in the opposite direction was incredibly slow, as if in slow motion. It took an eternity for it to swerve all the way from left to right and back again. Our cars were hardly coming any closer together. We slowed down, drove off the road into the grass and stopped. It took an incredibly long time before the car glided up to us and stopped. Nobody was hurt. We always have Somavedic in our car, and - according to the law of attraction - its high-vibrational protective field did not allow such a low-vibrational event such as an accident come closer.

Excited by these observations, I felt the urge to meet the man who produces Somavedic. I discovered that his extraordinary clairvoyant abilities help him to put together the core of the device. I also learned that he is able to remotely locate geopathogenic zones, diagnose causes of health problems and help remove them. I also found out that even though measuring subtle energies emitted by minerals is not simple, it can be done in specialized scientific laboratories. Somavedic effects can also be measured by all bio-resonance devices. It is no coincidence that many Somavedic customers are bio-resonance centers, including one of the leading producers of bio-resonance devices in the world.

In closing I just want to add that since time immemorial people have known about the healing power of minerals and therefore the most healing minerals, such as gold or silver, were always the most valuable. Somavedic can not only control and release this energy from minerals, but also use it for specific purposes as necessary. It is a wonderful aid on a physical level as well as psychological and spiritual levels, helping to change lives for the better.

Marcela V.

It was in the evening when we turned on Somatex for the first time. On the next day, I was noticing a completely different mood throughout the day. I felt light and comfortable. Another day it turned upside down and I was in a bad mood. From the following day, the strong mood and feelings swings stabilized and I felt this shift or advancement to a different level – to lightness and a feeling of being cleansed. All that still lasts. This is how I perceive it:  the Somatex high vibrations started to raise my frequency immediately and restructure the energy pattern of my body. In the upcoming days, I also started using  the colloid solutions and herbal drops recommended by the manufacturer of Somatex. It´s been seven weeks since we turned Somatex on, and I feel incomparibly better. Since last week, I can even say my sleep has strongly improved, it has deepened. I believe that the effects of Somatex and the healing treatment will yet fully manifest, and I´m really looking forward to that. We already have three Somatex devices at home – Harmonie, Atlantik and Medic but I think there will be some more added...:)

Jirka K.

What is Somatex?

What is Somatex? I have heard that it is a device. This concept does not fit in my opinion, it's probably just a word used to describe the situation, as it is hard to find another word accessible to the “lay” public, but I personally do not agree with this word. Just as I would not say that menhirs are devices, I cannot say it of Somatex. It is true that a menhir has no cable that could be plugged in the socket, but that is the magic. A menhir is grounded. Somatex is not grounded and works without a cable stuck in the socket, without grounding. Plugging the cord into the socket only strengthens its function. Firstly, it makes it grounded and it makes its stones “radiate” 10-15% stronger. Yes, the stones, its heart comprises an exact set of precious stones. And secondly, a ring of LEDs will light up, which can be perceived as a complementary lighting effect, but it also has its hidden meaning.

So what exactly is Somatex? I can see it as a small portable menhir. In my feeling and experience it harmonizes the environment and emits energy. Its key characteristic is that it harmonizes space within a range of about 50 m, harmonizing the pathogenic zones, electrosmog and psychosomatic zones. All these zones are all around us and negatively affect us in an unnoticeable, sometimes noticeable way and permanently, in the worse case significantly consuming our energy and consequently deteriorating our health.

Pathogenic zones are natural and artificial: natural zones radiate out of the earth, we are often not even aware of them and sometimes it is difficult to avoid them; artificial zones are created by human activity, every trench, every pipe, every cable in the earth has its own zone (also high voltage lines, transformer stations...).

Electrosmog is also created by human activity, cables in the wall, sockets, every electrical appliance, all of these emit something and we have been making it worse lately by energy saving lights (fluorescent lamps), mobile phones, Wi-Fi devices and similar conveniences increasingly jamming our living space.

Psychosomatic zones are created by human activity and these are energy footprints left by each of us. And sometimes these footprints are pretty “dense”. Particularly noticeable are the footprints left by negative, hateful and envious people, but often also by weak people lacking confidence who attract all sorts of bad things and then pull them along and leave around. And we are just talking about the footprints that we are unaware of, the worse case is when people leave such footprints consciously and some of them can really do so. Strong zones are often remnants of some bad collective doings and events.

So the harmonizer neutralizes the negative frequencies of such zones to a point where they are not in discord with us, mainly with our bodies (real and ethereal), and make no harm to us.

Long-term stay in an environment affected by these zones brings along slow but sure deterioration of health. Somatex is reliable in helping harmonize the frequencies of the first two types of zones and stopping deterioration of our health by their influence. It also helps with the third type of zones but the situation is a little more complicated here.

So Somatex seems to be an assistant addressing a lot of things that could be detrimental to us. And it is actually true for the first two types and partly also for the third type. But it will not definitely address all psychosomatic issues. There are lots of things that must be addressed by ourselves; no assistant can deal with the real challenges or tests on our way for us. The assistant will help us remove the obstacles that could hold us or lead us into a blind alley on our way or hinder the solution of our tasks, but we must resolve such tasks ourselves. And Somatex is such an assistant, helping the physical body not to be disturbed by “trivial” issues and allowing us to face sometimes very difficult challenges or tests that would otherwise probably have remained disguised or obscured by physical problems. However, new challenges sometimes take the form of physical hardship, drawing our attention to unresolved burdens. Somatex often warns us of unresolved challenges, “pushing” us to resolve such issues even if we do not want to address them or deliberately procrastinate their solution. And this is already a manifestation of its function as an energy emitter. Each stone has its precise position and a frequency enhanced by the community of other stones and these frequencies are emitted to the environment in mutual harmony.

So, in addition to negative zone harmonization, there is also gentle and delicate “treatment” with the precious stones. Sometimes, though, the tasks that we are supposed to get done are pointed out in a manner that is harsh rather than gentle. If we overlook our tasks or unresolved burdens, we are given a warning, mostly in the form of physical discomfort. But now we know that it does not come out of nowhere. That we have overlooked some important aspect of a psychosomatic nature, something that has to do with ourselves rather than other people. Almost always it involves unresolved burdens and relationships from the past. We did something bad in the past and it must be corrected. Such wrongdoing keeps surfacing and resurfacing until it is resolved. And because we all committed many sins in the past, consciously and unconsciously, it is a recurring process. But if we do not overlook such warnings which take the form of physical discomfort, they are often not so harmful. And Somatex is a great aid, helping us not to overlook them.

Sasha James and family

We got a recommendation from a friend who had very positive experience with SOMATEX. 

My family never suffered from any serious disease, or poor health, or anything like that. We were just looking for the best way to cope with geopathogenic zones, electromagnetic smog; in general, we were looking for efficient ways how to achieve healthy and balanced lifestyle that we strive for.

Frankly speaking, we chose Somatex as the best option among 10-15 other devices, but after we had got it I hardly cared and stopped thinking about it. Nevertheless, the first two to three weeks brought some changes and effects and everyone in our household started feeling better, in terms of the quality of sleep and the amount of energy that we started to “receive” out of nowhere. They say that some people need a longer adaptation period, but somehow we did not have any issues. I could not “believe”, or perhaps I could not even imagine that something that “sits on the shelf” could have such an impact on its surroundings.

We had a very special experience with water soon after we had bought Atlantik. My wife always found the tap water distasteful and all the filters that we tried to use helped her a lot. Nevertheless, the taste and feeling of the water treated with Atlantik solved this problem for good and we are very happy now. We recommend SOMATEX to everyone who is diligent and takes care of his or her health and welfare.

We are very pleased with those many, many benefits that we have received (and continue to receive!) thanks to the work of Mr. Rybjanský.

Hana P.

When I used Somatex for the first time at home upon recommendation of my friend I was doubtful. Now I swear by Somatex! Harmonization of all people and even animals began at home and all around me. Once we installed another Somatex at work, our business started to improve and interconnect.

Everything went so well that I recommended Somatex to my friends. All those who have bought one are very happy.

 Joint observations following the purchase of Somatex:

1)                 Energy increase (at first, a few people suffered from fatigue, sickness and pain; they soon recovered and started to feel extraordinarily well)

2)                 Improvement of family and social relationships (negative and grim people staying in a good mood, elimination of quarrels, rivalry and frustration, better behaviour of children)

3)                 Successes in business undertaking and improved turnover (also, some people solved their long-term problems at work)

4)                 Improvement of animal behaviour (the cat that hated being petted for years now enjoys being cuddled; the horse has improved substantially under the saddle and in the stables; the place where the Somatex stood became inhabited by three bee swarms!)

5)                 There were situations evoking protection, happiness and sound health

It’s a medicine that brings harmony, safety and health improvement into your life