Models and pricelist

Somavedic Lumen 

(innovation in 2014 and change of name due to the confusion with Somavedic Harmonie)

removes all unwanted effects of all kinds of geopathogenic zones, water crosses, Curry and Hartmann lines, supporting the initiation of regenerative processes in the human body, as well as in animals in the surrounding area. It harmonizes the family relationships and improves metabolism and sleep.

Price 200,- EUR

Somavedic Quantum

formerly “white”, is a reinforced Somavedic Harmony for the location in premises where there are more people moving throughout the day, suitable for bioresonance centres, doctor’s offices, massaging and beauty salons, shops and businesses, which give us very positive references. This model is recommended for those who travel frequently and sleep in hotels where there often are all kinds of zones described on the first page. Somavedic Quantum is frequently used in automobiles, including trucks.

Price 300,- EUR

Somavedic Harmonie

includes all of the Somavedic Lumen features (formerly Harmony) and is additionally equipped with frequencies eliminating parasites, viruses, bacteria and fungi; due to non-chemical way of their destruction, the effects occur within one to three months.

Price 300,- EUR

Somavedic Atlantik

treats the structure, properties, memory and energetic potential of water, not only according to research by Dr. Masaru Emoto. It removes water burdens that often cause pain in the neck and inadequate fluid intake. According to user experience, Somavedic-treated water supports fluid intake, which is very important for the proper functioning of the body and achieving a healthy condition.

Price 300,- EUR

Somavedic Medic

This model combines the features of Somavedic Harmonie and Somavedic Quantum. Medic is ideal for hospitals, clinics, doctor’s offices, bioresonance centres, massaging and beauty salons and larger buildings and estates.

The price of Somavedic MEDIC is 500,- EUR


Somavedic Medic uran

This model is based on the functions and is a combination of Somavedic Medic, Harmonie, Quantum and Atlantik. Somavedic Medic uran is not only suitable for households but also for hospitals, clinics, MD practices, bioresonance centres, massage and cosmetic salons, and for larger buildings.

Its glass body is made of crystal glass with uranium admixture. Uranium is important for the increase of the effect of neutralization of electrosmog. Somavedic Medic uran has especially proved successful in places, where there was necessary to put two or more Medic models. Moreover, unlike the Medic model, it harmonizes water just as the Atlantik model does.


The individual models are handmade by the glassblowers at and may therefore vary slightly in terms of colour.