About geopathogenic zones...

The word geopathogenic originates from two Greek words: geo meaning “earth” and pathos meaning “suffering” or “disease”. Loosely translated, it means suffering or disease that comes from earth.


                                                                  According to preserved documents, harmful effects of geopathogenic zones on the human body were well-known to all advanced civilizations. The first mentions of “dragon veins” (geopathogenic zones) come from China and are more than 4,000 years old. Emperor Kuang Yü issued a regulation on the exploration of land plots designated for development with respect to the passage of “dragon veins” and underground water streams. Before starting to build a house, the ancient Chinese invited waterfinders to the site to determine the location of                                                                                                  “dragon holes” – zones of earth influences.



Also the ancient Romans and Egyptians knew of these zones and it is confirmed that they tried to avoid them - particularly when constructing houses because they feared the increased incidence of cancer which occurred in these zones. For example, ancient Egyptians drove a herd of cows to a plot of land: where the animals laid down to rest, there they started to build a house. The knowledge of these “phenomena” was apparently preserved until the Renaissance period when numerous monasteries and castles were built with walls running in line with GPZs.










Everything that affects humans and their tissues in a way leading to failure is pathogenic; therefrom pathogenic zones.

GPZs and fauna

Dogs have always been an indicator of geopathogenic zones. The best place for the bed is where your dog lays down to sleep. The dog cannot sleep where it is irritated by infrasound resembling growling. The dog has a very well developed sense of hearing, it is controlled by the vegetative nervous system and cannot only hear lower frequencies, but also accurately perceive subliminal stimulation.

A cat is the opposite of a dog. If a cat feels fine, it purrs. The vibration of the “valve” in the mouth cavity during breathing creates a tone similar to infrasound that makes the cat “vibrate”. The cat therefore seeks places that remind it of that sound. These include infrasonic pathogenic zones. Therefore, do not place your bed, resting place or workplace in areas where cats like resting.

Also bees tend to achieve higher honey yields in infrasonic pathogenic zones because infrasound does not let them rest and keeps them more active. This noise resembles them the sound produced by their wings at the time of their daily activity. Locating hives in suitable GPZs helps increase the quality of bee colonies.

Also ants are doing well in pathogenic zones because ants, same as bees, produce their own sound similar to infrasound. Locations of anthills are often identical with GPZs.

Effects of GPZs on humans

Small children are very sensitive and therefore always seek such a place in bed to avoid GPZs, otherwise their sleep is restless. Therefore, the health condition of children is predetermined by the location of their bed.

This energy radiation comes from the earth interior. Long-term exposure to this radiation has harmful influence on humans. This mostly results in the development of a disease in the weakest organ of the human body. The whole process may be accelerated by congenital predisposition. A short-term stay in these zones causes concentration disorders or feelings of unease and unexplained fatigue in more sensitive individuals. A long-term stay, e.g. sleep, may start a variety of diseases, from the most banal to the most severe ones. These are mostly conditioned by an accumulation of other factors. In the opinion of a number of scientists dealing with natural treatment, active health precautions also involve respecting geopathogenic zones.

In official technical literature, we can read that geopathogenic zones cause not only headaches and insomnia, but also severe diseases. Staying in the zone for longer periods of time causes cancer, liver diseases, lower urinary tract diseases, infertility, chronic rhinitis and a number of other diseases. A normal person will feel the malignant influence of the zones only when he/she gets sick.

The long-term effects of radiation on humans in occupied areas may, for example, affect the frequency of failures when generating the helix of the ribonucleic acid, the genetic information carrier. In a better case, such failure is detrimental to the activity and function of the affected cell; in a worse case, it affects its division and then the offspring of a single cell can put us at risk of cancer. This process of gradual accumulation of errors can take many years.

Geopathogenic zones

MUDr. Juryška, an Olomouc-based oncologist, expressed suspicion that the high incidence of neoplasm diseases in Olomouc is related to the number of occurrences of geopathogenic zones, which was the impetus for his detailed research.

The result of his research is the following GPZ harmfulness scale

The geopathogenic zone harmfulness scale

1. Weak, at the limit of recognizability, the organism easily eliminates the effects.

2. Well recognizable, a healthy organism can eliminate the effects in a long term; however, a sick person gets clearly weaker and the healing process is prolonged.

3. It weakens the nervous system, there is slight nervousness, a healthy organism is able to eliminate the effects for some time; however, a sick organism shows problems that are not improving.

4. Strong nervousness, insomnia, organ dysfunction, seemingly incurable chronic pain and diseases which, however, improve quickly when staying out of the zone. A healthy organism can resist for a short time, a sick organism cannot.

5. The emergence of benign malformations, restlessness accompanying the person outside the zone, organ dysfunction which is not improving when staying out of the zone and necessitates treatment, the same is true of pain, the nervous condition is similar to stress.

6. The emergence of strong degenerative changes and pre-cancers, depression, pain of unknown origin unresponsive to therapy, escalated difficulties of the previous degree.

7. Over the years, the emergence of mutations and cancer-causing changes, there may or may not be a nervous reaction (this is the threshold area of neural reactivity)

8. Within a few years, the emergence of malignant growth but no longer any nervous reactions, and therefore one feels a little better in this zone than in the previous one (it is insidious), organ disorders are not as noticeable (nevertheless, they are severe), the nervous system is usually not able to pass pain, and if it does, then to a minimal extent, normal sleep, but in fact missing, it is rather apparent apathy, mild poisoning by poorly eliminated metabolic products, warning signs of yellowish pale skin, but the patient does not feel seriously ill.

9. Malignant growth occurs within a few months unless death occurs sooner due to organ failure, disorders rapidly increase, resulting in exhaustion of hormonal nature, apathy - neither the person nor the organism resist, regeneration is virtually absent, emergence of atrophy and poisoning by metabolic waste products.

10. Almost immediate failure of organs and their functions, which are the cause of death (not cancer), growth arrest, quick emergence of dull headache, apathy no longer has time to develop because there is instinctive anxiety and fear of the place (even hallucinations) and one is unable to stay here long.

11. Loss of the sense of balance (risk of injury), loss of consciousness in a few hours, severe shock condition usually causes death within a few days, the condition of the organism is only rarely improved by intensive therapy.

12. Mortally dangerous places, death occurs within a few hours at the latest, according to the origin of pathogenic radiation.

Strong radiation of degrees No. 11 and 12 does not occur under normal circumstances.

Types of GPZs

A pathogenic zone means an irregular part of space burdened with some kind of radiation. This includes electromagnetic radiation, various transmitters and receivers, radars, X-rays, magnetic fields, gamma rays, ultrasound, infrasound, microwaves, as well as gravitational vibrations of moving masses - underground springs or water veins of tectonic faults and other geological formations, Hartmann grid, Curry grid (Hartmann and Curry lines).

Where pathogenic zones cross, the pernicious influence of earth radiation is particularly strong and its effect is multiplied.                                                                                                                                                                                          Geopathogenic zones (Hartmann and Curry lines, water veins) and harmful radiation of television sets, computers and mobile phones (electrosmog) can be suppressed by an appropriately placed Somavedic device. Somavedic effects increase the effectiveness of drugs and cosmetic preparations, relieve of pain caused by diseases and help overcome diseases, have a preventive effect for a healthy body. Somavedic helps overcome insomnia and replenish the bioenergetic potential. Somavedic has been proven to have a beneficial effect on animals and plants.