Basic information about electrosmog

Versatile use of modern technology is not possible without electricity and high-frequency electromagnetic radiation. There has been developed a number of devices for the production and distribution of electric energy: from power plants, transformer stations, power lines and medium-voltage power cables to the wiring in our houses. This low-frequency grid to the power supply generates electric and magnetic fields, which means that it represents a significant part of the electromagnetic pollution of the environment, the so-called electrosmog. Elektrosmog is also produced by all electrical and electronic equipment. Nowadays, wireless networks are widely used in numerous industries, for example in manufacturing, logistics and medici technology. We use these technologies daily in private life, too; for many people, mobile end-devices such as mobile phones or PDAs have become indispensable. Wireless phones, Bluetooth, Wireless LAN, remote controlled garage door opening, equipment and machinery - all of these technologies are based on wireless communication systems. It can be assumed that in future, the wireless networking technology will be used even more widely and in new areas. Powerful transmitters of mobile and television signals, radars, military surveillances, data transmission, directional transmission etc. emit electromagnetic waves - high frequency electrosmog that cannot be avoided. At the end of May 2011, the World Health Organization classified high frequency radiation as "possibly carcinogenic". This was the conclusion of the expert group of the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) in Lyon. There were 31 experts from 14 countries evaluating "almost all the available scientific evidence."

Exposure to radio frequency electromagnetic radiation induces, among others, poor quality of sleep, loss of vitality, headaches, impaired concentration, tinnitus, decreased mental and physical endurance and a higher burden on the cardiovascular system. The list prepared in accordance with international researches extends to serious diseases such as increased risk of cancer, genetic modification and changes in the immune and central nervous system.

In towns and cities, the technically generated level of communication radio signal radiation, that is typical nowadays, is from ten million up to billion times higher than the natural electromagnetic relict radiation which is necessary for life. This development leads to the fact that we are all constantly exposed to electromagnetic pollution; people have never had to face this pollution in such a form and intensity. The hazards of this new type of environmental burden lie in the fact that the information system of the human body operates with natural electromagnetic signals - however, these energy levels are million times lower! The excessive incidence of technical electromagnetic fields and beams leads to numerous nature, animal and human biological disorders, caused by penetration of technical electromagnetic signals in the natural environment and in the information systems of our cells and body organs.

Each person reacts to electromagnetic load in our surroundings differently. On one hand, the response depends on the intensity and length of exposure to electromagnetic frequencies and modulation, resulting in the unique combination of effects; on the other hand, it also depends on the disposition of the individual, the individual history and current state of health, the immune system, the body's ability to compensate for ambient pollution and its resistance to external influences. Despite numerous studies documenting health risks of electromagnetic radiation, we probably already cannot imagine today's society without electronic and electrical devices, such as mobile phones and mobile signal transmitters. It is therefore understandable that people are trying to come up with some solution of how to protect us against the effects of electromagnetic radiation.

One of the effective protections against harmful effect of electrosmog is Somavedic. We´ve decided to have its protective effects tested in an international scientific laboratory IGEF, and here is an extract from their report:

Testing of the Somavedic MEDIC device and its protective effect when exposed to electromagnetic radiation, eg. from mobile signal transmitters, Wi-Fi and WLAN technologies, mobile phones, smartphones, wireless phones, and geopathogenic zones

The aim of the following testing was to find out whether and to what extent the Somavedic MEDIC device is suitable for protection against harmful effects of electromagnetic radiation and electrosmog. The protective effect of the Somavedic MEDIC device when exposed to harmful high frequency electromagnetic radiation, electrosmog and geopathogenic zones (as described below) was tested on ten test persons, both men and women, in different test situations. As the test persons were chosen only people who claimed to be sensitive to electrosmog.

Justification of the choice of heart rate variability measurement as a diagnostic system for the testing

Autonomic nervous system dynamically controls internal balance of our body, depending on the actual external and internal level of pollution. Our heart responds both to the conscious and unconscious stimuli, for example to electromagnetic radiation entering into our vegetative nervous system from the environment. Healthy person's heart rate variability is based primarily on the optimal interplay between the sympathetic and parasympathetic branches of the autonomic nervous system. Our heart is a source of electromagnetic energy (2.4 watts); its vibrations can be measured even in the smallest cell of the human organism. All the rhythms of life are reflected in heart rate. If these rhythms are coherent and in harmony, we feel good. The main measurable quantity of this information chain is heart rate variability (HRV) as the most important parameter for accurate assessment of mental well-being and vitality.

Heart rate variability refers to the ability of an organism (of humans or mammals) to change the frequency of cardiac rhythm. Even when relaxing, we can monitor spontaneous changes of time between two heartbeats. Health organism uses autonomic physiological regulation and is constantly adapting our heart beats to our current needs. Therefore, physical exertion or mental stress usually result in increased heart rate, while the release of tension and relaxation usually lead to decreased heart rate. Greater strain adaptability manifests itself as increased heart rate variability. In chronic stress, both capacities are more or less limited and reduced due to long-term extreme stress. Negative or harmful effects caused e.g. by high frequency mobile radiation, low frequency electrosmog or geopathogenic zones, are usually identified as vital threat by our nervous system. When our body suffers from the interfering fields for a long time, these stress parameters cannot be returned back to normal values, which leads to a reduction in heart rate variability, ie. to reduced ability of our organism to adapt to changing external influences. Knowing all of this, we can demonstrate the protective effect of a product or a measure based on measurements of heart rate variability. Spontaneous stimulation of the autonomic nervous system by electromagnetic radiation and geopathogenic zones is usually well below the threshold of body perception. But sensitive technique of modern measurement systems of biofeedback is able to capture even the smallest response of the autonomic nervous system, especially on the basis of heart rate variability parameters.

In scientific research, the repeatability of the results of modern measuring instruments of heart rate variability was confirmed by measurements at short intervals.

Therefore, a method of variability heart beat measurement was chosen as a diagnostic system, by which it was examined whether the energy information field of the Somavedic MEDIC device improves probands' heart rate variability, and whether it can contribute to the individual adaptability of biological system. When exposed to harmful high frequency electromagnetic radiation, electrosmog and geopathogenic zones, using the Somavedic MEDIC device should thus lead to a demonstrable improvement in heart rate variability, have a positive effect on circulation and help autonomic nervous system to maintain internal balance.

Biophysical testing of the energy performance of the Somavedic MEDIC device using biofeedback Stress Pilot Plus measurement system

In this study, we recorded changes in physiological signals of proband groups, such as the feedback of their autonomic nervous system to bioenergy information sent by the Somavedic MEDIC device, based on measurements of heart rate variability. The measurement results were analysed by statistical methods.



From the measurement results, it can be concluded that the use of the Somavedic MEDIC device leads to an improvement in heart rate variability in 80% of the tested individuals. It has a positive effect on the heart circulation and reduces the expenditures of the autonomic nervous system to maintain internal balance. The measured results show that the positive effect of the Somavedic MEDIC device increases with the longer duration of use. After several days of adaptation, eight tested persons showed improvement of their ability to regulate heart rate and to adapt their autonomic nervous system to various electrosmog and geopathogenic zones pollution. The measured results were largely confirmed also by tested people who talked about their subjective perception of their body responding to the bioenergy information field of the Somavedic MEDIC device.